Marie Laurencin

Marie Laurencin Cabeza de niña (c. 1950)

Wonderful Female Painters

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Marie Laurencin (1885-1956)

Head of a Young Girl (ca. 1950)


Pastel tones highlight the delicate, ethereal and seductive character of the figures she painted.

Marie Laurencin reflected in her paintings the fantasy of a world populated exclusively by ideal women. It was a time in history when women repositioned and started to be seen and valued differently.

Marie had a romantic relationship with Guillaume Apollinaire who was an emblematic art critic of the time. She was his inspiring muse and companion for some years and fundamentally due to this relationship she exhibited together with Braque and Picasso.

Nevertheless, Marie practiced a “very personal Cubism” in which she used mainly the curve (in accordance to her search of “the feminine”, since the very start).

That cubist stage left a valuable legacy to her posterior works: decidedly concise and plane shapes.

Her themes are really only one: the female figure, the woman she idealized: brilliant, modern always exquisite Sometimes a bit fragile, distant, and alone or in groups. And always dressed with delicate and merry colors.

As we can observe in the image, their faces have a distinctive feature: “gazelle-like” eyes and delicate mouths. Bodies are lengthened, as to give them more grace and elegance (a resource used by the mannerists in the 16th century).

She belonged to a privileged artistic circle. Artists such as Picasso, Braque, Matisse, Gris and the Delaunay (Robert and Sonia) gathered at her house. She managed to get free from any influence from artistic movements of the time and achieved her personal, simple and direct style, without the ambition of revolutionizing art. And thus is how she achieved the mission of every great artist: creating a unique universe, and developing her own language to communicate it.


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