Renoir and Aline

Six Paintings. One Concept

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It was 1879. Aline Charigot was a young dressmaker. She was a 20 year-old neighbor of Renoir who was almost 40 in the Montmartre neighborhood. When they met, she became his model and they fell in love or vice versa. A decade later, they got married, got several children and stayed together till the end.

It is interesting to observe Aline’s appearances throughout Renoir’s work. The first one is the famous painting Luncheon of the Boating Party. There is something even more interesting: according to Jean Renoir —their son, a renowned filmmaker— his father already painted Aline before meeting her. The artist already "imagined" who the love of his life would be. The most emblematic painting of this theory of Jean Renoir is La première sortie, 1876.


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